Botanical Information: It is a plant of Narcissus Tazetta. Also called narcissus. It is a bulbous plant with a height of 20 - 80 cm. Its branches are hairy. The flowers range from yellow to orange. Some of the flowers are single-layered, while others are layered and layered. They are equivalent in terms of healing. The stem and leaves are fleshy and sticky. It is an ornamental plant available in florists. If the flowers still haven't opened after 7 in the morning, it means it will rain. It opens in early June. They appear around the end of autumn. It is a seasonal garden plant. It is used as a pain reliever. Ointment can be applied to any aching area. Pain is relieved, tension and stiffness go away. It relieves urinary retention. It has irritating properties. It removes menstrual blood and regulates it. Calendula tea, as a blood purifying herbal tea, is a very useful herb in germ jaundice. It can be used in ulcers of the 12 finger intestine. It is very good in eliminating itchy foot fungus. The sap is applied to the skin for carbuncles, pigment spots on the skin, and age spots, it is very useful. Healing is quicker when applied to bruises and wounds. It is also used safely in burn wounds. It is an effective herb in the healing of ongoing eczema. It is effective in the local treatment of diaper rash. When applied to the gums, it relieves the discomfort caused by the resin plates that surround the teeth.